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microsoft Bing Shopping Ads for eCommerce store and shopify
With Microsoft Shopping Ads, you can target users with laser precision, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant audience.
Leverage powerful demographic filters, pinpoint specific interests, & even retarget website visitors who have already shown interest in your products.
This targeted approach allows you to maximize your ROI & connect with high-intent customers who are actively seeking what you offer.

Why choose Microsoft/Bing Ads

Reach Engaged Audiences & Achieve More

* Reach high-intent audiences on Microsoft Search Network and partner sites.
* Drive conversions with a platform built for results (mention high conversion rate if you have that stat).
* Stretch your budget with potentially lower cost-per-click compared to other platforms.
* Tap into a growing audience with the second-largest search advertising platform (US).
microsoft Bing Shopping Ads for eCommerce store and shopify

330 million

Active Searchers


Average Conversion

Lower CPC


Why you need this service?

Reach Engaged Audiences:

Tap into a network of over 330 million active searchers on the Microsoft Search Network and partner sites. This vast pool allows you to connect with potential customers actively looking for what you offer.

Target with Precision

Go beyond basic demographics. Leverage powerful targeting options to reach users based on specific interests, online behavior, and purchase intent. This laser focus ensures your message resonates with the most relevant audience.

Drive Higher Conversions

Microsoft Ads boasts an impressive conversion rate, meaning a significant portion of users who click your ad take a desired action. This translates to more leads, sales, or signups for your business.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Compared to other platforms, Microsoft Ads can offer a lower cost-per-click, allowing you to stretch your marketing budget further. This makes it a strategic choice for businesses of all sizes.

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